We offer a wide variety of steel and wood garage doors.  By working with our sales staff, you can find the right look for your home.  See below for a sample of steel garage doors we have installed:
Aspen Ridge carriage house garage doors offer the distinctive beauty of a carriage house design at an affordable price.  Durable as well as thermally efficient, the Aspen Ridge is an achievement in design engineering, ensuring lasting quality and refinement.
16×9 and 2-9×8 Walnut Aspen Ridge 1-3/8 with Stockbridge windows
16×7 and 8×7 Walnut Aspen Ridge Long Panel 1-3/8 with Stockton windows
 residential-garage-door-ar4 residential-garage-door-ar2 residential-garage-door-ar3
3-9×7 Medium Oak Aspen Ridge 1-3/8 with Colonial windows and straps and handles
residential-garage-door-ar5 residential-garage-door-ar6 residential-garage-door-ar7
3-9×8 White Aspen Ridge 1-3/8 with Stockbridge windows and black lift handles
16×7 and 9×7 Walnut Aspen Ridge 1-3/8 with One-Arch Heritage windows w/straps and handles
16×8 and 8×8 Walnut Aspen Ridge 1-3/8 w/straps and handles
16×8 Aspen Ridge 2000 with Colonial Windows and straps and hanldes
16×8 and 8×8 AR 2000 w/straps and handles
16×8 AR 2000 w/straps and handles
16×8 AR 2000 w/straps and handles
16×8 AR2000 w/ straps and handles
Special Reserve doors give your home an exceptional classic look.  Special Reserve doors take the timeless beauty of carriage house garage doors and combine it with the latest in design engineering to create a door that will be as durable as it is beautiful.
16×8 SR81 with Stockbridge Windows
16×8 and 8×8 SR82 with Wyndbridge Windows 
16×8 SR82 with Stockbridge Windows
3- 9×8 SR84
18×8 and 9×8 SR84 with Stockbridge Windows
16×8 and 9×8 SR84 with Wyndbridge Windows
16×8 SR86 with Stockton Windows
9800 Series has an artfully molded fiberglass surface concealing durable steel construction.  The high-definition graining will astound your eye.  Even up close, they’ll never know it’s not genuine hardwood.
16×7 and 9×7 9800 Vertical
Avante Collection
16×8 and 9×8 Avante